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23/11/2020 Rodd to make Brisbane home

Michael Rodd’s riding career will go full circle when he leaves Victoria and returns to Brisbane, 20 years on from his first apprenticeship in the city. Rodd returned to Australian from Singapore when the Covid-19 pandemic began to materialise and based himself in Victoria. However, due to his family location in Queensland and the competitiveness of the Victorian jockey rooms, the Melbourne Cup (Gr 1, 3200m)-winning jockey has decided to return to Brisbane. “I haven’t seen them (family) for almost ten months,” Rodd told “They were in Singapore with me and when the virus took off there, I sent them all home (to Rockhampton) because I thought they just can’t be here while this is happening and about two weeks later it hit Australia. To go back to Brisbane, I would have had to quarantine twice, and it was just a strange time, so I came back to Melbourne and I haven’t seen them since then.” Rodd rode for Mark Kavanagh and owner Lloyd Williams through the 2000s but a lot had changed since then and he struggled to gain enough competitive rides on his return to Melbourne. “I was away for five years and that was just enough time for my old contacts to find new jockeys, old trainers to find new jockeys,” Rodd said. “The kids coming through have taken my place and it’s just such a good group of riders; the Melbourne jockeys’ room would be competitive anywhere in the world.”