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Australian Thoroughbred

Jockeys QLD

Agent | Phone | Jockey Representation

Barnes Jim 0408623263 Kenji Yoshida, Manabu Kai

Bizzaca David 0401714577 Ashley Butler, Sairyn Fawke

Bredhauer Peter 0419742300 Matthew McGillivray, James Geppert, Gary Geran

Burke Gregory 0407708003 Bobby El-Issa

Childs Clinton 0411556345 Andrew Spinks, Cassandra Schmidt, Ben Looker, Dale Missen

Courtney Glen 0419433830 Tegan Harrison

Cowie Alan 0414706930 Matthew McGuren, Scott Galloway

Croese Rodney 0407273498 Eddie Wilkinson, Brad Pengelly

Davis Glenn 0414529424 Beau Appo, Jedidiah Hoghe

Duncan Matthew 0416262619 Lyall Appo, James Orman, Nozi Tomizawa, Hannah English

Glendenning Bradley 0414374699 Larry Cassidy, Glen Colless, Ryan Wiggins, Priscilla Schmidt, Paul Hammersley.

Henderson Scott 0414377311 Damion McIntosh

Hunter Glen 0406122894 Justin Stanley

Kennedy Jeffrey 0451033013 Cecily Eaton

Legg Garry 0412695488 Glen Boss, Anthony Allen, Ronnie Stewart.

Maxwell Richard 0468463701 David Hayse

Miles Gary 0411484115 Andrew Spinks

O’Connor Susan 0419656497 Bradley Appo, Shannon Apthorpe

Partington Cameron 0481105166 Robbie Fradd, Jim Byrne

Terry Don, 0429876281 Michael Cahill

Terry Donald 0429876281 Brad Stewart

Weatherstone Max 0424635882 Alannah Fancourt, Luke Dittman

Williams Shannan 0404847939 Sarah Eilbeck, Samuel Payne

Window Troy 0413765421 Jason Hoopert, Shaun & Corey Bayliss, Ian Coombes

Ratings Results 17th July:
Randwick:: Mr Hussill top rater $5 sp $11; Fastconi top rater $5.50 sp $5.50 ; Le Chevalee top rater $3.50 sp $2.20 ; Blondeau 2nd top rater $4.25 sp $3.40; War Eternal 2nd top rater $5 sp $3.60;

Flemington: I'm Thunderstruck top rater $2.75 sp $4.20; Seiners Express 2nd top rater $7.50 sp $8.50 

Eagle Farm: Tears of Love top rater $4.50 sp $12; Release The Beans top rater $2.50 sp $2.70; Shooting for Gold top rater and sectional times $2.38 sp $1.50; Dreamreacher top rater $4.25 sp $3.40; Boomsara 2nd top rater $5 sp $4/60; 

Morphettville: Lombardo top rater $2.63 sp $1.80; Mac n Cheese 2nd top rater $6.50 sp $1.95; Great Diviner 2nd top rater $4.50 sp $3.50 

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